Are you Struggling to Love your Postpartum Body?

You are not alone; many women struggle with loving their new bodies after being pregnant and giving birth. I was, and still one of them. We are so blindsided with unwanted changes: stretchmarks, hair loss, loose skin, weight gain, and so much more. Like come on, I still have to cross my legs when I sneeze.

Some women go back to normal after 6-8 weeks, and others may take longer than others. My experience as a mother of two is I am not one of those mothers who recover fast. Personally, having to watch what I eat and exercise. I am currently working on eating healthier. While I was pregnant, I started some bad habits due to pregnancy cravings from craving the worst: Oreo’s, Pasta, Pizza, McDonald’s. Anything non-healthy. With cutting out fast food completely, drinking more water, and planning healthy meals throughout the day, I am starting to see some results.

Telling myself that if I am unhappy with the way I look. I needed to do something about it. My mother told me the other day that it’s not going ever to happen overnight, you have to work at it. But, your job now is truly to love yourself for who you are at this moment, and you’re the only one that can do that. She was right because without all my flaws now, I wouldn’t have my son or daughter.

Make a goal every day to give yourself some self-love. It doesn’t have to be over the top. You can always go for a walk, read, take a bath, or even go for a spa day. You’ll see day by day you’ll be able to look yourself in the mirror again with a smile. Every day counts! Some days will be harder than others. Just remember you matter too if there wasn’t a you, there wouldn’t be a them.

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