Choosy Mothers Choose Butterbees

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Butterbees’s Chatter, founded by Sabrina Lee, looking to start a community with a wide range of Mother’s.

Covering many topics such as growth, moments, and parenting. Butterbees’ Chatter is an online blog full of tips navigating the ups and downs of motherhood.

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.”

Robert Browning


  1. Hello,

    My son born January 5th 2020 requires a serious head surgery due to the fusion of the cranial suture (craniosynostosis). I cannot afford to pay for the series of costly medical expenses. We only have 6 weeks to get everything organized before he undergoes the surgery. I have no other option but to ask you to help me help my son. We are gathering the funds through a verified charity:

    Thank you for your support. Aneta.


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